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Whether you’re visiting our website seeking information on the best approach to care and nutrition for your pet, or because you’re addressing a specific health concern affecting the health and well-being of your animal companion, we’re here for you. With so many products and programs on the market, it’s hard to know which way to turn. It can be an overwhelming, expensive trial and error process. Worse, the results are often disappointing.

At OMS Love My Pet, we believe optimal pet health is a simple matter of the right nutrition, enhanced by natural supplements that allow the body to function as designed at the molecular level.

Nutritional supplements have long been trivialized, as we’re sold chemical and preservative based products and medicines. Sadly, many of us turn to vitamins only when we’re hoping to avoid the cold and flu. And we rarely, if ever, think of vitamins as valuable and necessary to the health of beloved pets.

Not JUST vitamins and minerals

Vitamin C supplements complemented by pure nutrients.

The formulas we’re sharing with you here (and that we administer to our own pets) were developed by the renowned Dr. Wendell Belfield, DVM. They consist of vitamins/minerals for the treatment, prevention, and control of specific pathological conditions. Formulated to interact positively with each other without fear of over dosing, there is no need for additions or substitutions of other nutrients. The conditions for which Dr. Belfield developed his formulas address the causes of the condition, thus eliminating expensive and sometimes ineffective pharmaceuticals.

If you’re here seeking a natural, proven path leading to a longer, healthier life for your companion pets, read on.

Since there are so many contributing factors in the health and longevity of life of our beloved pets, we can’t guarantee that OMS Love My Pet formulas are a “magic bullet” solution. But we’ve seen the results realized not only in our customers’ pets, but in our own furry family members.

We believe 100% in the passionate pursuits of Dr. Belfield, and the products that are the result of his life’s work. We’re honored to have acquired exclusive rights to his formulas, and we’re proud to offer them to you.

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The formulas of Dr. Wendell Belfield can only be found here at OMS Love My Pet.
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