Vital Liquid


Vital Liquid – Antioxidant

VITAL LIQUID, like VITAL TABS, aid the animal’s defenses against the oxidation of body cells. It is also known to aid in the delay, stabilization and prevention of oxidation of fatty substances in individual body cells. Provide essential support for the liver, kidney and muscles and boost your animal’s cell defense against viruses, bacteria and toxic chemical molecules. VITAL LIQUID also provides an excellent opportunity to help pets diagnosed with liver or kidney disease.



Chicken Flavor
Administer one to two teaspoons
twice daily by mouth or mixed well into wet food.

For feline gingivitis also apply directly to affected gums.

VITAL LIQUID, with the same formula as Vital Tabs, contains stablized tocopherol, nutrients of wheat germ, yeast and selenium in proportions to aid in optimum- antioxidation of cells and tissues with a palatable chicken flavor. Designed to be given to cats and dogs who are difficult to pill, it is easy to administer through a dropper or squeeze bottle.


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