Mega C Drops


Mega C Drops®

Mega C Drops® Pediatric Formula – 8 Ounces

The original liquid vitamin C supports good health for your puppy and kitten right from the start.

Before birth, the fetus relies on the safety, comfort and nourishment of the mother’s womb. Passive immunity continues while puppies and kittens are nursing. Once weaned, the puppy or kitten must rely on its own immune function to protect it from illness caused by microorganisms.

MEGA C DROPS strengthen the immune system, enhance red blood cell production, increase appetite and growth and aid in good bone formation. MEGA C DROPS are a natural detoxifier, helping puppies and kittens protect themselves against infectious diseases.


Give directly, according to age and weight.
Daily dosage, in drops:

1-5 days: 3 drops
5-10 days: 5 drops
10 days to weaning: 10 drops

• Toy Breeds:
1-5 days: 3 drops
5-10 days: 5 drops
10 days to weaning: 10 drops

• Medium Breeds:
1-5 days: 5 drops
5-10 days: 10 drops
10 days to weaning: 15 drops

• Large & Giant Breeds:
1-5 days: 10 drops
5-10 days: 15 drops
10 days to weaning: 20 drops

Daily dosage, in teaspoon:

Cats up to 20 lbs. 1/4 tsp
Dogs up to 25lbs. 1/2 tsp
Dogs up to 50 lbs. 3/4 tsp
Dogs up to 75 lbs. 1 tsp
Dogs up to 100 lbs
Other animals: 1 teaspoon per 100 lbs for weight.

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