Carpon Tablets

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Natural urinary acidifier for healthier cats and dogs.

This botanical berry extract in tablet form aids your cat in attaining the necessary acid pH to dissolve, prevent and control the formation of struvite crystals in urine. CARPON TABLETS embrace all of the qualities and characteristics to make it an exceptional urinary acidifier, safely and without adverse side effects.

Use with MEGA C PLUS for best health support.

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Carpon Tablets – 100 Tablets

CARPON is derived from a naturally occuring botanical fruit having the necessary acid quality that aids in the acidification of feline urine.
Vaccinium Macrocarpon
250 mg.

Suggest Use:
One twice daily for 5 days then 1 or 2 daily.

1 to 2 twice daily.

Note: Establishing Carpon Dosages
Dosages for administrating Carpon to canines and felines having struvite crystals, the optimum dosage can be determined either by the presence or absence of crystals under microscopic examination or by testing urine activity with pH strips. Carpon dosage can vary between animals of the same species. To achieve the urine acidity may require increasing the Carpon dosage by one tablet beyond the product label.

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2 reviews for Carpon Tablets

  1. Ann S (verified owner)

    Carpon is amazing! It controls my cat’s crystals and his urinary health. Our vet recommended it. I have used it for years from Dr Belfield and am so glad it is available here. This product is excellent and has saved my cat from surgeries.

  2. Dorothy Himschoot Currier

    Having used Dr. Belfield’s products for over 30 years (back then we had English Springer Spaniels), I have found it’s best to always keep them on hand.
    For the last 10 years we have become “cat owners“. This is a whole new ball game!
    Our male cat suddenly developed, what appeared to be uncomfortable urinary habits, almost overnight. Our female cat has never been troubled. Tho the male cat exhibited nearly every symptom which are listed in “Dr. Wendell Belfield’s: The Very Healthy Cat Book” – chapter 19.
    Thankfully I have the products on hand and we’ve been using CARPON with great results! He takes the pills with very little fuss even though he is part Siamese and I’ve always felt they can be a fussy breed.
    Per recommendation from Dr. Belfield we are upping his vitamin C and multivitamin via liquid supplements. Mega C Drops and Vital Liquid are very helpful when cats or dogs do not want to consume as much Mega C plus as needed.
    I’m so grateful that these products and the legacy of Dr. Belfield is not forgotten!
    Thank you, OMS Love My Pet!!!

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