‘Spring is in the air’ this means new puppies and kittens will begin the odyssey of life.

Unfortunately, some have a tough beginning, weak and fragile. This is the results of some pups and kittens, when in the womb, are at the end of the feeding chain. Though they are perfectly developed, they have been denied the same amount of nutrients received by their siblings.

Dr. Wendell Belfield, veterinarian, observed many years ago when practicing there was no solution, by the veterinary experts, and decided to implement a protocol to address the problem.

Mega C Drops CollagenGoing back to his pre-veterinary compounding pharmacy skills, he developed a pediatric formula that gave these newborns a fighting chance immediately after birth: Mega C Drops Pediatric Formula.

Mega C Drops strengthen the immune system, enhance red blood cell production, increase appetite and growth and aid in good bone formation. Mega C Drops are a natural detoxifier, helping puppies and kittens protect themselves against infectious diseases.