Dr. Belfield’s Proven Signature Formulas

In 2018, we lost a visionary in veterinary medicine. Dr. Wendell Belfield, a pioneer in promoting wholesome food for pets, dedicated his life to improving orthomolecular therapies for animals. His development of combinations of nutrients designed to improve the health and quality of life of dogs and cats with specific diseases, paired with Dr. Belfield’s sincere love for animals, were the foundation for a lifetime of service to a dedicated clientele intensely devoted to the well-being of their beloved pets.

Dr. Belfield’s proven signature formulas, chief among them Mega C Plus, are now in the care of Orthomolecular Specialties…and you’ve found them.


Story of Orthomolecular Medicine

Orthomolecular Specialties in the continuation of concepts in animal health first introduced by Dr. Wendell Belfield in 1967. Dr. Belfield’s clinical knowledge served as the catalyst for enhanced nutritional products, successfully addressing ineffective conventional treatment protocols for many animal diseases.
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Pets Thrive On The OMS Formulas

My livershunt dog needed Carpon to help get rid of his crystals. It worked! Best natural stuff out there!

Kimmy D

The Mega C Plus is so good that my ultra-picky eater doesn’t notice it in his food (he can discern every other supplement), and will eat it and get his needed nutritional support (he has dermal hemangiosarcoma, after being vaccinated up the ying yang at the pound while in a severely emaciated state).

Sue M.

I’ve used Mega C Plus forever in my feral colony cats and rescues that I bring inside to get them healthy. It’s amazing stuff, I’m glad Dr Belfield’s work is living on after his passing.

Judith D

I love this stuff and use it for my dog. Not only does it have vitamin C but there are other vitamins and minerals within this product. So glad someone is giving life to Dr. Belfields formulas. I was afraid they had gone for good.


Quality You Can Trust

Made in the USA. The original Dr. Belfield Formulation.

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